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Please see below for current job opportunities at Oasis. Last updated - 3/2/18

  • Instructor- GED Literacy & Numeracy

    This position requires the development, organization, and delivery of a GED Literacy & Numeracy curriculum to adult female students that are identified at a pre-literate - 5th grade level of education. Familiarity of special education instructional methods and strategies is preferred.


    1. Analyzes and interprets assessment test data on students, and creates individualized education plans to meet student needs.  
    2. Implements instructional strategies to meet the learning and socio-emotional needs of students in the content areas of reading, writing, and math (ex. decoding, reading comprehension, writing, grammar, basic math computation, & applied mathematics). 
    3. Embeds students’ personal goals into individualized learning plans, and incorporates relevant life lessons to improve a student’s overall growth.
    4. Maintains a working knowledge of all student portfolios.
    5. Maintains accurate attendance records and documents social service referrals.
    6. Utilizes volunteers effectively during instruction.
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