News from the nest

October 2019

Children “Bridge-the-Gap” to Kindergarten

Thirty-one excited five-year-olds participated in Public School 2’s first Kinder-Bridge program this August with Oasis support. The three-day program helped incoming Kindergartners become familiar with the daily routine of school in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.

As the children adjusted to the classrooms, Tahsina Ahmed, Oasis Social Worker, led parent-training workshops, introducing parents to best practices in early literacy and child development. Ahmed encouraged parents to get involved in their children’s education—a key component of every child’s success.

The children were fed lunch each day, given food to take home, and given a backpack and school supplies. Thanks to the amazing Oasis donors who provided all this.

Donors Fill Backpacks for more than 600 Low-Income Children

Did you know that one year of school supplies and extracurricular activities for one elementary-aged child costs $636.96?

Many families living in poverty simply cannot afford the supplies their children need. Our donors solved this problem by collecting and then donating over 600 backpacks and school supplies worth thousands of dollars.

Oasis staff and volunteers organized the supplies and opened a back-to-school boutique. The children came to Oasis with their school supply lists and “shopped” for their supplies, with assistance from Oasis volunteers.

Over the two-day boutique, more than 600 impoverished children left with backpacks filled, ready to start the school year. Thank you, Oasis donors!