Adult Education Programs

Oasis changes lives by providing multiple educational opportunities to women looking to rise out of poverty. Childcare is provided to ensure mothers can make a commitment to their education.

For more information or to register, contact Evelyn Cuciti at

(973) 881-8307 x120 or via email at

  • High school EQUIVALENCY (ged)

    • Oasis offers women (and men) high school equivalency preparation courses and helps students prepare for the five exams needed to earn the high school equivalency diploma. 
    • We have four levels of instruction and serve students who test in at any grade level, including students in need of basic literacy and numeracy instruction. 
    • Our teachers are supported by numerous volunteers who work one-on-one with our students.
    • We offer courses in all five subject areas tested on the high school equivalency exams. 
    • Our daytime courses are available for women only. We offer courses on Saturdays and three evenings each week, for both women and men. 

  • English-as-A-Second language

    • Oasis serves over 200 women annually from 25 different countries.
    • We offer instruction in four levels of English proficiency.
    • Our teachers are supported by numerous volunteers. 
    • Our daytime courses are available for women only. We offer ESL and GED courses on Saturdays and evenings for both men and women.

  • Computer Skills

    • Oasis serves up to 50 students annually, providing guided instruction and one-on-one attention. 
    • Graduates of the class are proficient in the various programs of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). 
    • Volunteers support in-class instruction and open lab sessions. 
  • Citizenship Class

    • This program is designed to help women complete the N-400 application and prepare for the citizenship exam. 
    • Curriculum includes history, government, geography, and civics. 
    • Volunteers help students practice through mock interviews. 
  • Saturday programs

    • Oasis offers English as a Second Language and High School Equivalency Test Preparation courses to both men and women on Saturdays. In addition, we offer yoga, sewing, and crochet classes for women.
    • Oasis offers two 10 week Saturday program sessions in the fall and winter.