Adult Education Programs

Oasis changes lives by providing multiple educational opportunities to women looking to rise out of poverty. Supervised childcare is provided for children up to age 5 to ensure our adult students can make a commitment to their education. 

For more information or to register, contact Evelyn Cuciti

(973) 881-8307 x120 or via email at

  • High school EQUIVALENCY (ged)

    • Oasis enrolls up to 100 women annually to prepare them to take their high-school equivalency test (HiSET).
    • Levels of instruction include literacy/numeracy, adult basic education, pre-HiSET, and HiSET.
    • Teachers are supported by numerous volunteers who work one-on-one with our students.
    • Subject areas covered include science, math, social studies, reading and writing.
  • English-as-A-Second language

    • Oasis serves over 200 women annually from 25 different countries.
    • We offer instruction in four levels of English proficiency.
    • Volunteers support in-class conversational sessions as well as once a month "English Cafe" on Tuesdays.
  • Computer Skills

    • Oasis serves up to 50 students annually, providing guided instruction and one-on-one attention. 
    • Graduates of the class are proficient in the various programs of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint). 
    • Volunteers support in-class instruction and open lab sessions. 
    • Advanced HiSET students utilize the computer lab on Friday afternoons for practice online test taking. 
  • Citizen Test prep

    • This program is designed to help women complete the N-400 application and prepare for the citizenship exam. 
    • Curriculum includes history, government, geography, and civics. 
    • Volunteers help students practice through mock interviews. 
    • During the 2016-2017 academic year, 100% of our students passed the test and became citizens.

    • Oasis' three-week program each morning from 9:00am to 12:00pm trains up to 100 women annually. 
    • Program offers afternoon one-on-one sessions with a jobs specialist. 
    • Students explore different career options, write resumes, prepare for job interviews, use social networking and the internet to secure employment, and review appropriate conduct for the workplace. 
    • Program includes 24 annual paid client internships at Oasis in food preparation and maintenance. 
    • Program provides additional opportunities on Saturdays to earn certificates that provide advantages in finding employment – Home Health Aide Training (with HomeCare Options); ServSafe® Certificate (through National Restaurant Association); Customer Service Certificate (through National Retail Federation); Bank Teller Certificate (through American Bankers Association).
  • Saturday programs

    On Saturdays during the school year the following programs are available to both men and women:


    • GED
    • ESL
    • Oasis Works!


    • Customer Service
    • Serv-Safe
    • GED Tutoring

    For more information and to register contact Evelyn Pena

    (973) 881-8307 X126 or via email at