Basic Needs

Supporting the Community

One-quarter of Paterson’s residents live in poverty (living on an income of $30,000 or less for a family of four). One in three Paterson children is poor, and many families cannot afford enough food to feed their children daily. 

Oasis strives to ensure that women and children have what they need to survive. 

The Oasis Soup Kitchen

Oasis welcomes women and children from the community to eat a hot and healthy breakfast and lunch every weekday. The Oasis soup kitchen serves as a point of entry for women and children in need. When women enter the Oasis dining room seeking a hot meal, Oasis social workers introduce them to the many antipoverty services Oasis provides.

Food Distribution

Oasis distributes bags of shelf-stable foods to families. Each grocery bag contains a three-day food supply for a family of four. Oasis offers grocery bags to community families facing a crisis and to Oasis students and clients.

Diaper and Baby Formula Distribution

Oasis distributes baby diapers and formula to mothers who cannot afford needed items for their infants and toddlers. Baby items are distributed to families in crisis and to Oasis students and clients.

Other Basic Needs Distribution

Oasis distributes personal hygiene items, clothing, book bags and school supplies, and other essentials to local families in need. Oasis celebrates Thanksgiving by distributing turkeys and special food bags and gives moms toys for their children at Christmas.

Basic Needs Achievements 2022:

  • 61,680 hot meals were served. 
  • 3,189 bags of food were distributed.
  • 121,508 diapers and 828 bags of baby items (formula and wipes) were distributed.

The Need is Urgent!

Give now to give women and children their most basic survival needs, so they are free to pursue a better life.

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