What We Do

Who We Serve

Nearly 40,000 people in Paterson live in poverty; many of them are women and children.

Oasis helps low-income women and children living in or near Paterson, New Jersey, meet their most basic needs and build a brighter future.

Oasis Serves Women and Children Who:

  • Live at or below the federal poverty line ($30,000 annual income for a family of four). 
  • Strive to overcome problems of domestic violence, unemployment, and hunger. 
  • Need essential human resources (such as food and clothing), educational opportunities, and social and emotional support as they work to improve their wellbeing.

Program participants at Oasis are culturally and ethnically diverse, reflecting the city of Paterson. All Oasis program participants are eligible for NJ SNAP (the measure used to validate need). Most participating women are mothers, and many have very young children.

Oasis welcomes and serves all women and children with compassion. We foster a supportive community of openness and respect.

Oasis provides women with free childcare while they are in classes, so motherhood doesn’t prevent women from moving forward.

Please get involved and become part of the amazing Oasis community!

Our Programs Areas

Adult Education

Oasis provides women with free, high-quality educational opportunities so they can change their own futures.

Youth Programs

Oasis provides children and teenagers with educational and enrichment activities to set them up for a brighter future.

Social Services

Oasis offers women and children the support and counsel of social workers so they can improve their lives.

Basic Needs

Oasis helps families meet their immediate needs for food, clothing, and baby supplies, so they can focus on a path forward to a better future.

Thrift Store

Oasis operates a thrift store, selling donated clothing at reduced prices, so local families can afford the clothing they need.

Help Women and Children Rise out of Poverty

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