Social Services

Supporting the Paterson Community

People living in poverty face a range of persistent social problems: A lack of resources such as food, clothing, and shelter, unsafe living conditions, unemployment, domestic violence, and more. 

Constant exposure to these stressors makes it difficult for individuals to cope, much less improve their lives. 

At Oasis, a social work team of four is on duty daily to help women and children resolve social and emotional issues and support those in crisis.

Psychosocial Assessments

Oasis provides wellbeing assessments to women participating in classes and to women from the community who come seeking assistance. The initial intake assessment helps our social work staff identify ways to assist clients.

Domestic Violence Support

Oasis offers weekly groups and individual counseling to women struggling with domestic violence. A social worker specializing in domestic violence provides women with case support.

Self-Esteem and Empowerment

In weekly group meetings, women address self-esteem issues as they work to remove barriers that prevent them from moving forward.


Oasis social work staff have a broad knowledge of local organizations and refer clients to partner agencies that can best meet their needs. The team can quickly assess individual needs and match clients with the proper care facility. Oasis has over 50 partner agencies within the county.

Outreach Programs

Oasis provides a range of programs onsite, sponsored by partner agencies, including parenting workshops, blood pressure screenings, legal help workshops, etc.

Children’s Programs

The Oasis youth social worker is embedded in the after-school program, providing services to children and teens to help them address the adverse childhood experiences very common to children living in poverty.

Maternal Health

The Mommy Series addresses women’s needs for pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood services.

The ECO program

Working in collaboration with two local agencies, Oasis provides safe housing and integrated social services to six single women (survivors of domestic violence) and their children. This program offers housing and trauma-informed care to help families become self-sufficient.

Social Services Achievements 2022:

  • 329 women partook in a one-on-one social service assessment.
  • 108 women participated in Empowerment group activities. 
  • 52 women received individual and group domestic violence counseling, including weekly group sessions conducted in English and Spanish. 

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