Corporate Partnerships at Oasis

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We rely on the support of corporations and foundations to respond to the needs of women and children living in poverty. 

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small family business, we will work with you to design a partnership program that benefits your employees while changing the lives of women and children in need.

Why Partner with Oasis?

A tax deduction for financial support is just the most obvious benefit your company can receive for its financial support of Oasis. This benefit pales in significance to the other advantages partnering with Oasis confers on your company. Some of these include:

Positive Publicity

Oasis is active on three social media channels and has an influential digital presence. Your support of any of our (four) annual events will put your company name in front of hundreds of local businesses and business leaders.

Enhanced Credibility

Your partnership with Oasis, a highly regarded local institution, will enhance your company’s credibility, allowing you to attract more customers.

Employee Engagement

Many studies have shown that corporate volunteer programs boost employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Oasis offers corporate teams meaningful volunteer experiences.

How Can My Corporation Get Involved?

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Help Women and Children Rise Out of Poverty

Give today to provide families with education and basic human needs.

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