Ways to Partner with Oasis

Corporate Donations

  • Grants, donations, employee giving platforms. Many companies and corporate charitable foundations support Oasis’ work through grants, donations, and employee giving platforms. Your gift can support a specific service or program of interest to you—such as women’s education, children’s after-school, or meal programs. We provide regular updates and can recognize your support on our social media platforms. 
  • Event sponsorship. Oasis hosts four special events annually, each attended by hundreds of community members and business and political leaders. Your event sponsorship brings you brand promotion and recognition. Visit our events page to learn more!
  • Product donations. Your company can donate products used to support our work. This includes food, clothing, and baby items to be distributed to women and children in need.

Employee Engagement

Engaging staff in fundraising, volunteering, or promoting Oasis’ work fosters team spirit and employee loyalty. There are multiple ways for employees to get involved at Oasis, and we are happy to explore these and other employee engagement opportunities with you. 

  • Volunteering at Oasis. Your staff can chop vegetables in the soup kitchen, tutor children after school, or coach women as they prepare for the US citizenship exam, among many other opportunities. Your employees can volunteer alone or in small groups, and we can arrange a large group (of up to 15 individuals) for a volunteer day at Oasis. We’ll work with you to design a meaningful employee experience for your team. 
  • Employee fundraising. Your employees can organize events and outside activities to raise money to benefit Oasis.
  • Employee drives. Your employees can hold drives to collect gifts-in-kind—shelf-stable foods, baby diapers, holiday gifts, etc., to distribute to women and children in need. 
  • Explore other fundraising ideas. Events such as an office jeans day can bring your staff together in support of a meaningful cause. We are happy to explore ideas that will benefit your employees and the women and children Oasis serves.

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